Sightseeing and Local Attractions


Nainital is a quaint but steadily growing hill station of the Kumaon region in the state of Uttarakhand. Most of the town settlement is around the picturesque Naini Lake. In the year 1841 a British gentlemen Mr. Barron along with his brother-in-law discovered the town of Nainital, the area reminded them of the hills of Scotland. The British established the township of Nainital as they found the climate agreeable. Prior to Nainital being a vacation spot of the British, it was a sacred place for the Hindus for it was believed that an eye of Sati (Lord Shiva’s wife) fell in the lake when Lord Shiva danced (the tandav nritya) with the burning body of his wife in his arms, hence the name Nainital  (derived from Sanskrit Naina = eyes and Tal = Lake).

Since the climate of Nainital is pleasant most of the year round, it is a perfect vacation spot for both summers and winters. The Indian summer as we know can get quite harsh and Nainital offers respite to the grueling heat with its cool summer breeze of the Himalayas. The winters in Nainital can be just as charming with the occasional flurries of snow.

The main attraction of the town is the lake, where one can go rowing or peddle boating.  Visit the Boat House Club not only for Sailing but also for the old time charm. One can get an excellent view of the Himalayan Range from Snow View (accessible by cable car) and Himalaya Darshan. The highest peak in Nainital is Naina Peak at an elevation of 8579 ft. (2615m) above sea level. There is horse riding available for tourists who want to visit some popular local sites such as Dorothy’s Seat, Lands End and Tiffin Top. For shopping there is the Mall Road, the Tibetan market, the Bara Bazaar and the Tallital Bazaar.  The Eco Cave Garden could be an interesting visit for some. The old church of St. John in the Wilderness is a must visit for all those looking for old architecture.  For the adventure sports enthusiasts rock climbing is possible at Bara Pathar.


Nestled in the wilderness of the Ayarpatta hill in Nainital, the Cottage is located around 1.5 km from the market area of the town. The fun thing to do in Nainital is ramble around in the woods and to discover the town on foot, and the location of the Cottage is perfect for it. The cottage is situated very close to Bara Pathar, where one can go rock climbing. The owner of the cottage is quite a cycling enthusiast and could share a few trails for mountain biking with you.


The district of Nainital is called the Lake District and is rightly called so, with the scenic lakes of Bhimtal, Saat Tal, Naukuchiyatal, Garud Tal all within an hour’s drive from the town of Nainital. There is much to be done in these towns such as canoeing, paragliding, rock climbing, camping etc. Drive over to Kilbury, Pangot or further interior to sight some spectacular wildlife and also to check out the traditional Kumaoni villages. To catch some extra terrestrial sights the local Observatory is situated around 8 km from the town.